• Identifying Wisdom (of the Crowd): A Regression Approach

    (Last update: January 2023, New version!Resubmitted @ JET 


    I demonstrate how to recover a decisionmaker's information structure from posterior beliefs over states, together with posterior beliefs that each signal could be observed. In the process, I make new observations on the geometric structure of information.

    Coasian Dynamics under Informational Robustness

    with Xiaosheng Mu (Last update: January 2023) New Version!


    We propose an approach to study informationally robust dynamic pricing when the seller lacks commitment.

    Familiarity Facilitates Adoption: Evidence from Electric Vehicles

    with Ruozi Song (Last update: November 2022) NEW PAPER!


    An Electric Vehicle (EV)-based ridesharing program in Los Angeles led to an increase in EV purchases, despite being a direct substitute to car ownership. We argue information explains it.

    Learning versus Unlearning: An Experiment on Retractions

    with Duarte Gonçalves and Jack Willis (Last update: September 2022)


    We conduct an experiment on belief updating and document that subjects under-react to information when it is in the form of a retraction.

    Evolutionarily Stable (Mis)specifications: Theory and Applications

    with Kevin He (Last update: August 2022) Presented @ EC '21


    We introduce a selection criterion on behavioral biases in environments with learning, and show that it need not select for a bias-free worldview in some common applications.

    Learning Underspecified Models 

    with In-Koo Cho (Last update: July 2022) 


    A monopolist can ensure an optimal price is used in the long run by designing an algorithm that assumes a linear demand curve, even if demand is quite nonlinear.

    Research Registries and the Credibility Crisis: An Empirical and Theoretical Investigation

    with Eliot Abrams and John A. List (Last update: September 2021) R&R @ JEEA


    We empirically study registries, focusing mostly (but not exclusively) on the AEA RCT Registry, and theoretically discuss issues related to incentives behind registration. The Mathematica notebook referenced in the Appendix can be found here.